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The island of Bali sets itself apart from the rest of Indonesia. It is the colorfully spiritual and uniquely Hindu center of this nation.

The smiles with which visitors are greeted never end. The stone temples and statues carefully decorated with fresh follows shows the dedication the people of Bali have to their faith. Tripping over offerings scattered everywhere happens constantly to clumsy outsiders, such as myself.

You are never far away from the next ceremony. Traffic will constantly grind to a halt as a local parade or wedding blocks the road.

I have had the luck to spend a month on this lush and colorful island. It is mystic and ripe for exploration. From the more populous and touristy south to the peacefully and isolated north of the island there is something for everyone. You can do yoga and spa treatments in Ubud or go diving in turquoise waters near Permuteran.

Bali is truly a magical island which must be visited by anyone who has any love for travel.


A New Start

Since my last post a number of things have changed. I have changed jobs and moved to the Netherlands. It seems a bit odd to have a blog dedicated only to Germany when you no longer live there. Germany will always hold a special place in my heart and will continue to be part of this blog. But my experiences and passions cover so much more.

It's time for a new beginning. I want to make this site about all the things I find interesting. Travel, culture, technology, photography and so much more. I think that is how I can do something worthwhile with this site by doing and talking about the things I love and have a passion about. With that in mind, let's get started.


Herman ze German

I am in London for a week and I found this very cool Currywurst stand. The name and logo are just awesome!


Space Invader in Cologne

My wife and I recently watched the very cool documentary "Exit through the gift shop" directed by the famous street artist Banksy.  Featured in the movie is the street artist who calls himself "Space Invader".  The other day my wife was walking downtown and she came across what appears to be one of his pieces (Picture Above).  This doesn't have much to do with Germany but the movie was great and I think his work is pretty cool.  That is reason enough for me.

Check the movie out if you get a chance.


Space Invader's Website

Banksy's Website

Exit Through The Gift Shop




Photo Essay: Monschau, Germany

Monschau, Germany is a tiny village nestled in a valley near the Belgium border.  Sure it is a little touristy but it is incredibly picturesque  The pace of this town is very relaxed and layed back.  It doesn't feel artificial.  You will find families in their back yards celebrating their kids birthdays in the shadow of the amazing castle.  Monschau is an amazingly beautiful place and if you get the chance you should drop in for a visit.

The view from the ruins opposite the castle


Seal on the Red House "Das Rote Haus"

 The castle which was first founded in 1100 has been sieged many time but now the castle is a hostel


Belgian and German Beer meet


Crooked houses in the center of town


HDR shot of the narrow roads in Monschau


The, for Monschau famous, red house "das Rote Haus"


The view of the village from the castle in HDR


A perfect end of the day with a warm piece of Apfel Strudel

To see all the picture visit my Monschau gallery (Here).

Größere Kartenansicht


Wikipedia Page Monschau

Official Tourism Page (German)